Electric Vehicle Awareness Sessions

For many business fleets and individuals, making the transition to electric vehicles could bring major cost savings, enable drivers to travel through Clean Air Zones without worry, and support your environmental aims.

Not all drivers are familiar with the technology and its capabilities and may be resistant to making the switch.  By attending Safedrive’s EV course, attendees will develop the skill to drive an EV efficiently and safely, and also help overcome range anxiety: which is often a fear for new EV drivers.

There are a number of fairly small, but crucial, differences which mean that a driver who jumps straight into an EV from an ICE vehicle will not be getting the best out of it. These include greater instant acceleration, more deceleration when lifting off the accelerator and how they are refuelled. All have safety or efficiency ramifications.

EV Driving Course Key Elements:

  • Key differences between EV and ICE vehicles
  • Charging procedures
  • Vehicle controls
  • How to maximise battery range
  • Forward planning and observation
  • Awareness of other road users, inc. Pedestrians & Cyclists
  • Regenerative braking – how it work
  • Floodwater – understanding the potential consequences of driving through fords and deep standing water
  • Identify and removing bad habits, which could be impacting on your overall level of safety

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February 10, 2023

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