Driver Coaching App

Our new Driver Coaching App is an innovative tool created to assist busy professionals and executives in achieving their goals. It offers personalised coaching services that are tailored to their individual requirements, helping them set realistic objectives and providing them with the necessary resources and tools for success. Furthermore, the app includes a personalised dashboard where users can monitor their progress and performance.

The app offers a number of features to help driver become efficient and effective, along with offering a personalised coaching services, a personalised dashboard for tracking progress and performance, and access to resources, articles, podcasts, videos, and expert advice and mentorship to help users succeed.

Safedrive’s Coaching App: –

  • Initial driver induction assessment analyses attitude and behaviour
  • Following results of the induction assessment, drivers are provided with a personalised learning journey to complete
  • Response led content issued directly to the driver
  • Continuous learning
  • Real-time Knowledge and Engagement Scores
  • Endorsement triggered courses
  • Driver direct communications for a seamless approach requiring little intervention

Safedrive’s Driver Coaching app is for ALL your employees.

Historically an employee only receives remedial training after they have had a collision, we feel it is crucial to highlight and address any potential risks before it is too late, and this is why our online solution makes complete sense.

If you require further information, or if you’d like to talk to us about your Risk Management needs, please contact Safedrive on 0344 892 1728. Alternatively, you can email us here.