Why do I need Risk Management?

With more drivers on the road than ever before, and a frighteningly high level of crash for cash claims being reported, it’s never been so important to monitor your drivers’ skills.

Many drivers have points and penalties on their licence. This can be a warning sign that links to poor driving discipline or even dangerous driving habits, which can result in injury, damage, jail time and higher insurance premiums. A visual licence check won’t tell you everything you need to know – that’s why at Safedrive we offer our handy licence checking service.

We can formally check your drivers’ licences and tell you about any points, limitations or disqualifications – allowing you chance to act before it results in an accident. Licence checking can be carried out on both new and existing drivers, but many of our clients prefer to use this method as part of their recruitment process.

But what about after? How do you check that your drivers’ skills are up to date? How do you avoid problem drivers while picking the best?

We have a solution for that. Safedrive offer an innovative Driver Coaching App, compatible with Android and Apple devices. Your drivers will be provided a login to the Coaching App, which will monitor their skill, knowledge and attitude to present them with an overall low, medium or high risk score.

The app offers a number of features to help driver become efficient and effective, along with offering a personalised coaching services, a personalised dashboard for tracking progress and performance, and access to resources, articles, podcasts, videos, and expert advice and mentorship to help users succeed.

If you’re not sure what form of risk management is best for you, contact us! We can carry out risk assessments and make recommendations for what’s best for you and your business.

If you require further documents, or if you’d like to talk to us about your Risk Management needs, please contact Safedrive on 0344 892 1728. Alternatively, you can email us here.