Lightfoot – Rewarding better drivers

Real-time coaching with rewards for better drivers

We are proud to be working in partnership with Lightfoot, a market-leading risk management tool that coaches drivers in real-time.

The device itself sits on your dashboard and uses lights and optional audio to tell you how efficiently you’re driving. Lightfoot is designed for all fleet of company cars and light commercial vehicles (up to and including 7.5T).

As Lightfoot is connected directly to your vehicle’s computer, it adjusts its feedback according to live engine data. This means you get bespoke guidance for your vehicle, your driving style, and the roads you’re driving on.

Lightfoot’s contribution to improving the efficiency of fleets, the safety of our roads, and the health of our planet takes driver risk management to a new level. That said, we need to remember that not all drivers will reach elite status and that elite status can itself be punctuated by lapses in concentration, distractions, adverse weather and poor vehicle maintenance.

Safedrive is here for Driver Coaching and In-Vehicle Training for anyone who falls short of elite driver status on a regular or intermittent status and is the perfect complement to this and any other telematics provider.

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