Tyre Safety Month 2016


Take a moment to consider the tyres on your vehicle. Do you know how worn down they are? When did you last check the pressure? Are they under/over inflated, damaged, or punctured?
More than 1 in 4 British motorists only change their tyres when they are already classed as illegal. This means that tyres are often bald and provide little to no grip on the road surface – and there could be up to 10 million vehicles on our roads today that are below par with regards to safety.
October is TyreSafe’s Tyre Safety Month. Over the past few weeks, road safety campaigns have kicked off across the UK to help encourage drivers and business owners to check and maintain their tyres.
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Why is this so important?

In previous articles, we’ve discussed the importance of maintaining your vehicle, and the consequences of driving a vehicle that may be unfit. Tyres are a particularly important area of vehicle maintenance. If they are poorly inflated, worn, or damaged, this can lead to:
– Reduced grip
– Skidding or aquaplaning
– Loss of control
– Blow-outs
– Reduced braking times
– Uneven wear
– MOT failure
These all lead to a higher chance of being involved in a road traffic accident, which in turn can lead to injury, increased insurance fees, and higher repair costs. You could face a charge of up to £2500 and three points on your licence if your tyres are found to be unfit or illegal – each faulty tyre counts as its own offence.


How can you prevent this?

We’ve created some information sheets for you in relation to tyre safety. Click the links below to view copies of our advice sheets and a poster detailing how to check your tread.

Tyre Safety Info Sheet
Tyre Safety Poster

During a training session with Safedrive, drivers will receive one of our handy tyre tread depth gauges. These key rings will enable drivers to check their own tread depth with ease to identify when they are at the legal limit.
These tools are also available to purchase directly without the need for training. If you’d like some help updating your drivers’ knowledge of vehicle and driving safety, please get in touch. Our solutions are flexible and affordable, and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.
You can contact us in the office by calling 01952 298990 or emailing us by clicking here.


October 26, 2016

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