Mobile Phones

The directors behind the video for Pharrell Williams’ hit song Happy have teamed up with THINK! for its latest road safety campaign, aimed at cutting the numbers of people killed or injured by drivers using mobile phones.

Following the March THINK! campaign, awareness of the penalties increased by 89%, and 47% of those that had seen the adverts said they were less likely to use their phone when driving as a result.

The approach is a break from the normal hard-hitting THINK! campaigns as it is proven to be more effective at influencing the target audience – those aged 17 to 34. This age group is 3 times more likely than over 35s to use a handheld mobile while driving. The current 4-week campaign also includes 2 radio adverts.

THINK! is urging Android smartphone users to download the Car Mode app or if using an iPhone, its drive safe mode, which automatically detects when you’re driving, and silences incoming calls and messages.

What can we do for you?

Safedrive Workshops can be easily arranged across the UK with our fully-qualified Fleet ADI Assessors, able to attend your business premises to carry out the sessions.

Driver safety issues covered during the session can include:

Driver responsibilities, Mobile phone distraction, Alcohol and drugs, Health including eyesight, Tiredness and driver fatigue, Planning your journey, Different road types, Speed and space, Driving in adverse weather, Parking and reversing, Vehicle maintenance, Vehicle safety systems, Emergency procedures

We can provide Driver Behaviour Workshops that cover all general aspects of driving, we are also able to provide bespoke workshops to meet your companies objectives, such as –

* Maintenance & Manoeuvres

* Eco Driving for Electric Vehicles

* Vulnerable Road Users

* Winter Safety

* Accident Management

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