Delivering Safedrive Safely in a COVID World

Assessor, Dave Allen, facilitated Safedrive’s first ‘post lockdown’ in-vehicle assessment with a van driver last week. Both driver and our Assessor agreed, by implementing Safedrive’s Delivering In-Vehicle Assessments Safety Charter, everyone felt safe and protected during the session.

Feedback given by the participating driver –

Overall, I felt that the course was good, and I was very pleased with the way Safedrive Assessor made me feel safe and protected against COVID.

The Assessor called me prior to the session, which made me feel more at ease and reduce my apprehension. I was more than happy to clean the inside of my vehicle, focusing on door handles and touch points.

Where possible, rather than chat in my vehicle, we stopped, got out of the vehicle to discuss elements of the session.

I would recommend others to go ahead with this course, as they are being delivered in a safe manner.

The 3 things I will take away from the course are:-

My position on the road

Forward observations

Speed limits for my vehicle type

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August 10, 2020

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