4 x 4 Driving Session


Anyone wanting to either gain knowledge of 4 x 4 driving or develop their existing skills should take part in a 4×4 driver familiarisation training course as part of the process.

This is because it teaches drivers the basics of how to safely and efficiently operate a 4×4 vehicle on different terrain, as well as how to prepare their vehicle for a range of environments.
The course typically covers topics such as how to select the right gear for different terrain, how to navigate safely on rough ground, understanding the principles of off-road driving, and understanding the basic principles of 4×4 vehicle operation.

Additionally, the course covers topics such as how to identify, prepare, and maintain 4×4 vehicles, how to properly maintain and use the vehicle’s safety features, and how to properly inspect and maintain the vehicle’s components.
Taking a 4×4 vehicle familiarisation training course is a great way to become a more confident and safe off-road driver.
It can provide the skills and knowledge to assess hazards, carry out proper vehicle preparation and understand how to respond to changing conditions

Additional Information

  • This is a full day course designed for a maximum of 3 participants
  • The trainee / company are required to provide a suitable vehicle in a roadworthy condition and fully insured.
  • Suitable training location / terrain that attendees are to be exposed to post-session will need to be arranged by the client

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