Eco Driving

Did you know that the way you drive has a massive effect on how much fuel your vehicle uses? Heavy braking, sharp turns, and certain gear usage can lead to your drivers using considerably more fuel than they need to.
As a parallel, picking up good driving habits will help to make a drive smoother and less strenuous on the engine, leading to less wear on the vehicle and of course, massive savings on fuel.

Additionally, with ever-increasing pressure on businesses to be eco-friendly, it can seem like a challenge to add to your green credentials and reduce your carbon footprint.
So, what can you do to tick all the boxes and make your business
safer, greener and more environmentally sound?

An added benefit to the training is safety. In general, learning how to drive more smoothly and anticipate hazards sooner feeds not just into fuel saving but also good driving practice, so your drivers will have a chance to work on improving their overall driving skill while on the session

What can we do for you?

Safedrive has teamed up with the Energy Saving Trust to be able to offer you our specialised Eco-driver Training. We’ll send one of our fully qualified ADI assessors to a business location of your choice, where your driver will spend 3 hours on the road, one to one with an assessor, learning new driving techniques and exploring ways to be safer and greener on the road.

How will it improve efficiency?

Businesses can save up to 15% on fuel costs after attending this training – and once these tricks are a part of your drivers’ instinct, they’ll keep saving money and fuel for years to come. This saving, to a fleet or number of vehicles, can result in a saving of thousands annually.

For more information on any of the courses, please click here to contact one of our qualified staff. Alternatively, you can call us on 0344 892 1728.