Trailer Handling Awareness

Safedrive’s Trailer Handling session is designed to give a practical introduction to drivers who are required to tow heavy trailers for which they have entitlement to drive but not necessarily the knowledge, skill or experience to drive them safely and efficiently.

It provides lots of practical advice and plenty of time to practice on the road. It is of particular benefit to service and construction sectors whose fleets often utilise trailers.

Objectives of the course:

  • To provide advice and guidance on how to reduce the risk of accidents when towing
  • Provide the optimum skill level in reversing and manoeuvring
  • Demonstrate and develop a systematic approach to hazards
  • Familiarisation with terms associated with the type of vehicle
  • Teach aspects of the law regarding trailers

Our qualified and approved ADI instructors have years of experience providing training for towing, loading and consideration to other road users. Safedrive can offer training to give your drivers the skills and confidence to tow all types of trailer, horse box or caravan, safely on all types of road.

The session is a combination of both theory and practical learning. This course provides lots of practical advice and plenty of time to practice with a trailer attached to the vehicle, along with the correct procedure on how to manoeuvre the vehicle, and to hitch and un-hitch the trailer.

The following skills are demonstrated:

  • How to check that the trailer & vehicle are a safe and legal combination
  • How to prepare the trailer for a journey
  • Hitching & un-hitching procedures
  • Loading and securing the load
  • How to conduct a mid-journey safety check
  • On road driving disciplines
  • Stability and snaking problems
  • How to reverse a trailer

Additional Information

  • Training ratio for this course is 1:1
  • Trainee must hold category B licence
  • The trainee is required to provide a suitable vehicle in a roadworthy condition and fully insured
  • Depending upon experience, this course is either a full day or half-day practical session, and will include on-road driving, slow speed manoeuvres and reversing along with walk-round training

For more information on any of the courses, please click here to contact one of our qualified staff. Alternatively, you can call us on 0344 892 1728.